M-audio mtrack eight.


M-audio mtrack eight





M-audio mtrack eight.


HIS: Announcement of X1050 and X1550 Graphics Lines

HIS has announced the release of two lines of graphics adapters – HIS X1050 and HIS X1550. As the names suggest, the new products are based on GPU ATI Radeon X1050 and Radeon X1550 (formerly RV370 and RV516 / RV505). Video cards are positioned as low-cost solutions with full support for Windows Vista.

Adapters with core and GDDR2 frequencies up to 400 MHz and 500 MHz, respectively, will be available in the HIS X1050 line. The maximum video memory will be 256 MB (when using the HyperMemory 2 function – up to 512 MB), and the memory bus width for all models will be 128 bits. Due to the low heat dissipation of the Radeon X1050, passive cooling is enough for them.

In devices of the HIS X1550 line, unlike the HIS X1050, there is full support for DirectX 9.0c and Shader Model 3.0. It will include adapters with PCI Express x16, AGP 8x, PCI Express x1 and PCI interfaces. Core and memory frequencies – 550 MHz and 800 MHz, memory capacity (GDDR2, 128-bit access) – up to 256 MB. PCI Express x16 models support CrossFire, while PCI Express x1 and PCI options will include low-profile solutions and Dual DVI-I models.

The expected start date for the sale of HIS X1050 and X1550 is January 26.


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