M-audio midisport 2×2 anniversary edition.


M-audio midisport 2×2 anniversary edition





M-audio midisport 2×2 anniversary edition.


Web browsers: Mozilla Firefox v.3.0 Alpha 2 (Gran Paradiso)

The first alpha version (Nightly Build – internal version of the developers) of the new generation of the famous web browser Mozilla Firefox 3 has appeared on the web.0 (formerly Mozilla Firebird, and even earlier Mozilla Phoenix). Mozilla Firefox is a lightweight version of the original Mozilla, and compared to its older brother, Firefox has less functionality and options (however, the situation is corrected by the presence of a huge number of all kinds of plugins), but it takes up much less hard disk space. The program is extremely convenient and easy to use and has a huge number of fans around the world.

In the new version, various improvements have been made in the core of the program, bugs have been fixed, and other improvements. Read more here.

Download Mozilla Firefox v.3.0 Alpha 2 (Gran Paradiso) at the following addresses (Freeware):

  • English version:
    • For Windows (6.2 MB)
    • For Linux (8.6 MB)
    • For MacOS X (16.6 MB)
    • For other OS


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