M audio keystation 61es.


M audio keystation 61es





M audio keystation 61es.


GeCube introduces two series of video cards based on Radeon 1550 and 1050

GeCube has announced two new series of graphics adapters based on the Radeon 1550 and Radeon 1050. The first graphics processor, we recall, is nothing more than a renamed Radeon X1300, and the second was presented two days ago.

In his message, GeCube notes that video adapters on both Radeon 1550 and Radeon 1050 are certified for Microsoft Windows Vista. The boards of the first series, based on the Radeon 1550 with four parallel pixel pipelines, will be equipped with 128 to 512 MB of DDR2 memory, while the Radeon 1050 will have separate subsystems for geometry processing and rendering, and the amount of internal memory will be from 128 to 256 MB (also DDR2), however, as reported on the company’s website, HyperMemory support will allow “borrowing” up to 512 MB of computer system memory.

Both series will also feature PCI Express and AGP adapters, and the 1550 series will also feature ATI CrossFire support.


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