Lsi megaraid 9265 8i.


Lsi megaraid 9265 8i





Lsi megaraid 9265 8i.


ASUS ScreenDUO: why does a computer need an auxiliary display?

The answer to the question in the title is simple – in order to be able to access Vista SideShow features. Until now, we knew that this function would be supported by media center remotes and some laptop models equipped with auxiliary displays.

Now there is information that ASUS is preparing an interesting product for desktop PCs – ScreenDUO, which will provide the user with the ability to read e-mail, news in RSS format, work with the scheduler, control the media player, etc.d.

There are currently no details on product characteristics. We can only assume that the device will be equipped with a wireless Bluetooth interface, as is implemented in many remote controls with similar functionality. The most likely display resolution is 320×240 pixels.

We are waiting for details on what the ASUS ScreenDUO will be from the manufacturer or from unofficial sources. Naturally, there is no data on its release date and price either.

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