Logitech webcam c 110.


Logitech webcam c 110





Logitech webcam c 110.


Backup: Cobian Backup v.eight.2.0.173

Cobian Backup has been updated, a free program for backing up important data and documentation that is able to work on a schedule and can create copies not only on local disks, but also on network storage sources. Cobian Backup is available in two different versions: as an application and as a service. The program is very undemanding to system resources, it can run in the background. There is a Russian interface.

Key features of Cobian Backup:

  • Ability to create backups on FTP servers.
  • Supported work with SSL servers.
  • Supported work with plugins.
  • The ability to place copies in several repositories at once.
  • Supports remote work to create backups.
  • Command line support.

In the new version, bugs are fixed, localizations are updated. Read more here.

Download Cobian Backup v.eight.2.0.173 from there (8.0 MB, Freeware, Windows All). Russification is here (9 Kb).


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