Logitech c160 driver.


Logitech c160 driver





Logitech c160 driver.


Apple unveils new iPod games

The iTunes Store has two new iPod with video games, Sudoku and Royal Solitaire, by Electronic Arts.

Sudoku is an iPod version of the popular Japanese national puzzle game in which the player has to match numbers in cells. Royal Solitaire, according to the company, includes ten of the most famous solitaire games, including Canfield, Klondike, Peaks, Pyramid, Beleaguered Castle, Aces Up, Yukon, FreeCell, Golf, and Scorpion. The program allows you to keep statistics of your own results and synchronize it with the results of other players from around the world.

Both games are available to customers in the US, UK and some other European countries.


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