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Staccato Ripcord WSCP is the smallest UWB solution?

During the Mobile Converged Devices conference, which started in London, Staccato Communications demonstrated its latest development: WCSP (Wafer Chip Scale Package) based on the Ripcord SC3500 single-chip UWB solution.

This is one of the smallest ultra-wideband solutions that supports the implementation of this technology promoted by WiMedia: the dimensions of the WSCP case are 7.5 x 7.5 mm, which allows it to be used in both desktop and portable devices with support for Certified Wireless USB. In addition, flexible mounting options are available for the WCSP variant of the Ripcord SC3500 – from conventional PCBs to organic substrates.

The novelty is manufactured using CMOS (CMOS) technology in compliance with the production standards of the 110-nm process (it is important to note that Staccato managed to do without the use of gallium arsenide for high-frequency nodes). Ripcord WCSP trial samples are expected to be available later this quarter.


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