Line 6 tone port ux8.


Line 6 tone port ux8





Line 6 tone port ux8.


Intel renames Robson caching technology. Module prices

Now Intel Robson will be called Intel Flash Response Memory Technology. Recall that this technology is based on the use of NAND flash memory for storing user data. Flash Response Memory supports Microsoft ReadyBoost, a feature of Microsoft Windows Vista designed to speed up OS loading.

For the first time we will see Flash Response Memory (and yet, “Robson” sounds more concise) in the second quarter of this year, simultaneously with the appearance of the Santa Rosa platform. 512MB and 1GB Flash Response Memory modules will be available at $ 23 for a 1GB module, $ 19 for the kit (2 x 512MB + ASIC), $ 19 for a 512MB module, and $ 15 for set 2 x 256 MB + ASIC.

Interestingly, Robson will become part of not only laptops, but also desktop systems, in particular, based on Bearlake.


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