Line 6 pod xt live software.


Line 6 pod xt live software





Line 6 pod xt live software.


Bright Evercool cooling systems for memory, video and system unit

Cooling systems appealing to modders have appeared in the Evercool range. This is the Strong Wind cooler for memory modules, shown in the upper picture, and the Rocket V dual-use device, which can cool the video card and reduce the overall temperature inside the system unit.

According to the source, a unique feature of Evercool Strong Wind, in addition to its appearance, is the presence of a universal mount that allows you to securely fix the cooler on memory modules of different thicknesses. The cooler is equipped with a 4 cm fan that can be placed on the left or right side of the unit. In addition, you can select the direction of the air flow to match it with the movement of air masses inside the housing.

Evercool Rocket V has two 8cm variable speed fans.

There is no information about the prices of the devices and the timing of the market launch.

Source: DigiTimes.com


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