Line 6 guitarport software.


Line 6 guitarport software





Line 6 guitarport software.


DLP-VLOG Platform Facilitates USB System Development

The popularity of the USB interface is evident. A huge number of devices, including not only computer peripherals, but also household appliances, are designed to interact with each other using a universal serial bus. Future Technology Devices International (FTDI) has decided to help developers implement USB host controller functions by introducing DLP-VLOG platform based on FTDI Vinculum VNC1L-1A chip. The platform is a reference design for a simple data acquisition application, reads temperature, humidity and voltage readings and stores the results in a 32MB USB flash drive. The onboard Microchip controller and FTDI chip show how you can provide a simple microcontroller with an almost unlimited amount of memory. According to the manufacturer, the DLP-VLOG platform is suitable for use as a starting point for creating similar applications based on Vinculum.

The FTDI Vinculum VNC1L-1A host controller is focused on microcontroller-based designs. We are talking about consumer and industrial electronics devices, including smart home appliances, meters and retail vending machines. The chip supports the most popular classes of USB devices: mass storage devices, printers and interface peripherals (HIDs), which are usually keyboards and mice. For working with flash drives, Vinculum has a simple set of commands for managing the file system. The controller configuration includes an 8- and 32-bit compute core, two DMA controllers, 64KB of on-board flash memory and 4KB of random access memory (SRAM). In addition, the microcircuit contains two USB 2 blocks.0 ports for host and peripheral port operation, universal asynchronous transceiver (UART), serial interface (SPI), and parallel forward-queue interface (FIFO). Complement the picture with a PS / 2 mouse and keyboard interface and up to 28 General Purpose I / O (GPIO) lines.

The delivery set of the DLP-VLOG platform includes documentation and software along with source codes. DLP-VLOG price – $ 250.

Source: FTDI


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