Kodak dx3500.


Kodak dx3500





Kodak dx3500.


Call Me Mouse – Genius Navigator 380

If you see that the owner of the laptop, after talking on the phone, continued to use it as a mouse – do not be surprised. Genius launches Navigator 380 hybrid mouse and Skype phone. Probably, the developers dreamed of including a GPS module in the new product, but the matter was limited only to the name :).

Navigator 380 is made in the form of a clamshell, which when folded does not give out its capabilities in any way and does not differ from other “rodents”. In case of an incoming call, the user will receive a sound signal, accompanied by a blinking LED. The phone is equipped with several buttons, one of which is designed for quick access to the IM client. The software supplied with the device is capable of working with six IM clients. The optical sensor of the manipulator has an optical resolution of 1200 dpi, the interface is USB.

The Navigator 380 is currently announced in the Indian market, the price of the mouse will be approximately $ 40.


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