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Jawbone up updater.


GeForce Go 8800 for notebooks – no earlier than Q3

Recently, the announcement of mobile versions of flagship graphics accelerators from NVIDIA is not too far from the presentation of their desktop versions, however, more than two months have passed since the release date of the GeForce 8800 GTX and GTS, and nothing has been heard about their mobile counterparts.

VR-Zone informs that in the near future there is no need to expect any changes in this regard. The reason is that using a 90nm process technology for an extremely complex graphics chip will not keep the power consumption of the final solutions within the limits that are acceptable for mobile PCs. The production of the GPU G81M (NVIDIA’s mobile flagship) according to 80nm standards can begin no earlier than the third quarter of 2021.

For those who are anxious to buy a laptop with a graphics system that supports DirectX 10, the company will release mid-range solutions based on the G84 GPU and affordable accelerators using the G86. Both GPUs should be officially unveiled early next quarter.

Source: VR-Zone


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