Jabra sp200.


Jabra sp200





Jabra sp200.


M11 Copyboard will print itself to printer or save to USB stick

If you often have to express your thoughts on the board, then you have probably been in a situation where the necessary data, which is needed right now, remained on it, and not in memory. Or even worse – disappeared under the sponge of the cleaner.

With the PLUS Vision M11 Copyboard, the chances of losing handwritten data are dramatically reduced. M11 allows you to print a “snapshot” of the board or save it to a USB stick.

The board, on which the user writes and draws with erasable markers in red, green, blue and black, is an endless ribbon, scanned while scrolling by a motorized drive. Scanner resolution is 300 dpi. Supports inkjet (HP PCL3e compatible) and laser (SPL compatible) printers. Saving to USB memory is done in PNG, BMP, JPEG and TIFF formats.

The M11 Copyboard is available in two different board sizes: M-11S (1300 x 920 mm) and M-11W (1800 x 920 mm). The M-11S weighs 39 kg and the M-11W 43 kg.


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