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IBM Power6 at ISSCC: Bigger, More Powerful, Energy Efficient

Currently in 32-processor
IBM servers
uses dual-core Power5 processors+. Expected Power6 will apply
in 64-processor machines.

IBM is a major supporter (developer and
manufacturer) EVM or, as they are also called “big iron” –
huge supercomputers. They include a large number of
processors capable of performing many tasks in parallel. Several customers
companies, as noted, are just waiting for new, more powerful machines
IBM, since they have tasks that can “load” even
the most powerful server (supercomputer).

However, the first Power6 systems that IBM will present during 2021 will be low-end.

The Power6 processor has twice the performance of the Power5 +
and is equipped with several energy-saving technologies, including:

  • “nap” (naps; short naps), which reduces energy consumption
    CPU by 30-35% when the operating room is idle

  • dynamic regulation of the frequency and voltage of the processor supply.

In addition, the processor’s built-in means of limiting the maximum
power consumption allow the user to set the maximum
power. That is, if you set a threshold value, say, 350 W, then you can
to be sure that the new IBM processor will not consume more than this “norm”.

IBM is true to tradition and, in contrast to the approaches used,
AMD and Sun, did not
increase the number of processor cores or focus on
multithreading, and continued to increase the clock frequency, which we saw in
latest processor models. The company recently announced that the Power6 will be
clocked at 4-5 GHz, which is almost twice the operating frequency of the Power5+. The company has
there are developments that allow you to bring the operating frequency to 5.85 GHz without
exceeding the temperature barrier at + 85C.

Like the Power5 +, the Power6 is dual-core and allows simultaneous
process two streams of instructions. Compared to Power5 + mechanism operation
multithreading in Power6 improved by about 20-25%.


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