Icd3 microchip.


Icd3 microchip





Icd3 microchip.


Intel completed development of 45nm Penryn, three 300mm factories for their production will start operating in 2021

Sources say Intel has confirmed
information on the availability of working 45nm processors
which have been tested in the last month and a half. This was announced by Paul Otellini, in his post he added that the development of the processor is completely
is complete and it allows you to boot the following OS: Windows Vista, XP, Linux and
Apple Mac OS-X. It was reported a little earlier that only Windows was successful
started on a system with a Penryn processor.

As previously reported, the development of the novelty was carried out at the Intel D1D factory
in Oregon.

More specific dates for the start of mass production of Penryn the company did not
named, but given how well the 45nm development process is progressing
production, Intel intends to begin mass production in
the second half of this year and bring the number of 300 mm factories in 2021 to

The first two are, as you know, Fab 32 in Arizona and Fab 28 in Israel.
The location of the third 300-mm factory has not yet been announced, but in 2021
there have been reports on the web that Intel is building 300mm
factory in Vietnam. All three production facilities are expected to reach full capacity in 2021

Penryn is based on the Core microarchitecture and since
its announcement (in June 2021)
Intel has released 30 processors for its
basis. How fast is the collaboration of Advanced Micro Devices and
IBM will let you get to a similar mark, time will tell.

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