Hybrid tv stick.


Hybrid tv stick





Hybrid tv stick.


AMD: 30% of the server market thanks to 4-core Opteron (Barcelona) – will it succeed?

One of the goals of AMD, as noted
source citing company data, is to achieve 30% market share of quad-core
server solutions in 2021.

However, when AMD managed to “raise the bar” from 10% to 20%, it needed to supply
relatively small volumes of processors needed to saturate this 20% of the market, which was quite an easy task to accomplish. Increasing the market share to the desired 30% will proportionally increase the volume of supplies and work. Nevertheless, sources in the company report that AMD is fully prepared and confident in supplying the required volumes of products.

Intel, meanwhile, is planning an active offensive on this “front” only in late 2021 – early 2021, according to sources close to the manufacturer. Analysts believe that if AMD’s plans to release Quad-Core AMD Opteron (Barcelona) processors in the second half of 2021 remain in effect, then the company has a good chance of successfully competing with Intel in the server solutions market during this period.


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