Hp scanjet 8250 driver.


Hp scanjet 8250 driver





Hp scanjet 8250 driver.


Tritton Audio Xtreme PC USB 5 Headphones.1 – surround sound for night owl players

Audio Xtreme PC USB 5 Headphones.1 Tritton will appeal to PC game enthusiasts who want to isolate their sound space from those around them. For example, those of them who prefer to indulge their passion for virtual bloodletting in a circle of like-minded people. With the help of the new headphones, fans of network shootouts get surround sound, sorry for the pun, in full – several emitters are aimed at each ear at once.

The novelty is designed to reproduce 6-channel sound. Interestingly, the headphones are completely indifferent to whether the computer is equipped with a sound card – they are connected to the USB port. The light weight and comfortable shape of the ear cushions, according to the manufacturer, make even hours of wearing the headphones very comfortable. The product is equipped with a removable microphone.

In addition to the players, movie lovers who, for one reason or another, use headphones while watching movies on DVD, may be interested in the novelty. With Audio Xtreme PC USB 5.1 they won’t have to settle for simplistic stereo sound.

MSRP $ 70.

Source: Everything USB


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