Hp scanjet 5590 installer.


Hp scanjet 5590 installer





Hp scanjet 5590 installer.


Charging your portable device turns into muscle charging?

Our readers may remember that the $ 100 laptop for children in developing countries originally had a generator that charged the batteries while the user twisted the handle. Subsequently, this path was recognized as false by the creators of OLPC XO, as a result of which a different approach to the power supply of a portable PC was born – now the kids have to periodically pull the handle fixed on the string, and a minute of such physical exercises is equivalent to 10 minutes of XO battery life.
So far, $ 100 laptops exist only in the form of test copies, released in extremely small quantities, and other manufacturers liked the idea implemented in them.

So, the Potenco company decided to release its chargers, operating on the same principle, as announced at the NEXT2021 conference, held not so long ago in Copenhagen. A minute of “twitching” is enough to run an hour of flashlight, 25 minutes of talk on a mobile phone, 230 minutes of iPod, or 45 minutes of play on a Nintendo DS pocket console. With laptops or PDAs, it will be more difficult to determine the battery life, given the variety of their configurations, and, accordingly, the power consumption.

The timing of the actual commercial availability of Potenco products has not yet been reported.

Source: Engadget


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