Hp photosmart 5520 series driver.


Hp photosmart 5520 series driver





Hp photosmart 5520 series driver.


AMD 480X and 580X: New Names for Older Chipsets

As expected, AMD has officially changed the names of the ATI CrossFire 1600 and 3200 chipsets to AMD 480X and 580X, respectively. For “old new” products, the following logos will be used:

Recall that the single-chip AMD 480X supports two PCI Express x8 full speed ports, four PCI Express x1 ports, 10 USB 2 ports.0, four SerialATA II and one ParallelATA link. AMD 480X is distinguished by the possibility of organizing two PCI Express x16 interfaces.

AMD has already published on its page a list of motherboards with “new” chipsets. In the future, the company plans to index chipsets for desktop systems with the letters T, G and V, which determine belonging to the upper, middle and budget segments of the market.


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