Hp officejet 5600 series.


Hp officejet 5600 series





Hp officejet 5600 series.


Intel Drops Latest Pentium D 800 Series Processor

Intel has officially announced the end of accepting orders from partners for the supply of processors for the dual-core Pentium D 820 processor. The last order will be accepted on February 2 next year.

In August of this year, Taiwanese manufacturers announced that Intel would accept applications for the Pentium D 800 and 900 series processors only until the end of this year, and from January only the 820, 915 and 925 models will remain in the assortment.

And now, as we can see the last of the Pentium D series processors, manufactured according to 90-nm technological standards, will soon disappear from the manufacturer’s lineup.

This move is explained by Intel’s desire to accelerate the promotion of desktop processors of the Core family into the mainstream segment. They should soon begin to be sold under the Celeron and Pentium trademarks, and the company intends to unify the architecture of the models in each of the lines.

Source: The Register


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