Hp officejet 5500.


Hp officejet 5500





Hp officejet 5500.


USRobotics 56K USB Mini Faxmodem – Russia and CIS only

USRobotics Expands USRobotics 56K USB Mini Faxmodem Family of Analog Modems (USR415635). It will be supplied only to the Russian and CIS markets.

“Taking into account the wishes of our customers in Russia and the CIS, we have developed a more compact USB powered modem, ideal for home use,” says Frank Sugino, Product Manager for USRobotics Analog Modems. “Despite its compact size, the USR415635 delivers all the features and superior performance that have made USRobotics products universally respected and the preferred choice of many users for the past 30 years,” continues Sujino.

Like all USRobotics modems, this product fully supports the V standards.92 and V.90. The press release notes that a high connection speed is provided under different conditions of the telephone line, and if the Internet service provider supports the V standard.92, baud rate can be increased by 50%.

  • Data: V.92, V.90, V.34, V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis, V.22, V.23 and V.21
  • Error Correction / Data Compression: V.42 / V42bis and MNP2-4 / 5
  • Fax: EIA 578 (class 1) using V.17, V.29, V.27ter, groups 3
  • DTE device interface: USB version 1.one
  • USB bus powered, current consumption: 100mA
  • 2 indicators: Power, Data
  • Telephone line interface: one RJ-11 connector
  • Device dimensions 9.52×7.62×2.54 cm, weight 0.09 kg

The USR415635 USRobotics 56K USB Mini Faxmodem is already shipping at a MSRP of $ 46. (in view of VAT).


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