Hp deskjet 960c.


Hp deskjet 960c





Hp deskjet 960c.


TRENDnet Launches USB Phone Adapter for Skype

New ClearLink VoIP USB Phone Adapter (TVP-SP5G) Appears in TRENDnet’s ClearLink Series. The pocket-sized device allows you to connect a regular phone to a computer via USB to use the Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) Skype service. The function of the phone with a regular telephone line is preserved.

The adapter takes up virtually no space, does not require a power source and does not require complex installation. Switching between Skype and regular telephony is performed using “hot keys”.

Thus, TRENDnet currently offers Skype products for every taste: TVP-SP5G ClearLink VoIP USB Phone Adapter, TVP-SP2 ClearLink VoIP USB Speakerphone, TVP-SP3 ClearLink VoIP USB USB Phone Phone, wireless sets TVP-SP1BK ClearSky Bluetooth VoIP Phone Kit and TVP-SP4BK ClearSky Bluetooth VoIP Conference Phone Kit,

Source: TRENDnet


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