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Antivirus: NOD32 Antivirus System v.2.70.31

Eset Software announces the release of a new version of Eset NOD32 – software for protection against a wide range of threats associated with viruses and other malware. Users of the current version of NOD32 can update the antivirus to version 2 for free.7 over the Internet by going to this page.

Now NOD32 2.7 is fully compatible with the next-generation Windows Vista OS, in which, as you know, the security subsystem has been significantly redesigned and, accordingly, the ways of interaction of antiviruses with the kernel and various OS modules have changed. Note that Eset was one of the first antivirus developers to offer a complete antivirus solution for this platform. Two other major improvements are related to the handling of the new category of Potentially Unwanted Programs, and the significant development of anti-rootkit technology. At the same time, the new version fully inherited such important consumer characteristics of the Eset NOD32 antivirus as the highest efficiency of proactive protection and undemanding system resources, which makes the work of the antivirus almost invisible.

The introduction of a new category “Potentially unwanted programs” is associated with the constantly growing demand for software tools to protect against adware modules, and other software that interferes with the user and slows down the system, but, for legal reasons, cannot be considered malicious and automatically removed from the computer. Thanks to the advanced options for configuring the antivirus, the user has the opportunity to independently choose the scenario of the antivirus actions when such programs are detected. In addition, the user can now enable antivirus monitoring of remote administration software, keyboard monitors and other “Potentially Unsafe Programs” widely used by hackers.

Recently, t.n. rootkits. The action of this type of malware is based on intercepting calls and modifying low-level OS system functions (Windows API). Also, rootkits are able to mask the presence of certain processes, registry keys, directories and files on the disk in the system. All this makes it extremely difficult for high-level anti-virus tools to detect rootkits. NOD32 anti-rootkit technology has undergone significant changes. The previous version of the antivirus blocked attempts to intrude rootkits into the system. In the new version, the technology of protection against such software, called anti-stealth, has been supplemented with a mechanism for detecting rootkits already in the system. Tests carried out by Eset have confirmed the high effectiveness of the new version of NOD32 in the fight against this type of threat.

To get acquainted with the capabilities of Eset NOD32 v.2.70.31 is available for free on the Eset Software website a 30-day trial version (11.5 MB, Shareware, Windows All).


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