Hori real arcade pro v3.


Hori real arcade pro v3





Hori real arcade pro v3.


Versatile Multilayer Disc patented by NME. Will this affect the Blu-ray vs situation. HD DVD?

About the plans, prospects and opportunities that the company’s developments promised us
New Medium Enterprises, we told in
Last year.
Now NME announces the receipt of the corresponding patent for its
Versatile Multilayer Disc (VMD) technology.

True, if earlier for VMD the possibility of working with
disks with up to 20 layers (5 GB on each layer), now the source
reports only eight carrier layers for VMD.

A feature of the technology is that it is equally
well suited for both blue laser and red laser discs. VMD
also designed for single- and double-sided discs, as well as multi-format
recording including Blu-ray and HD-DVD.

The NME patent describes the basic principles of technology for creating
inexpensive multilayer optical media. It also describes the principles
modified 2P process, which is needed to create more than two layers
on a single-sided disc, and also allows you to create copies of multilayer discs.


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