Hewlett packard laserjet 2820.


Hewlett packard laserjet 2820





Hewlett packard laserjet 2820.


In REALbasic 2021, improved work with databases and QT

REAL Software has released a new version of the popular integrated development environment (IDE) for Mac OS X – REALbasic 2021 Release 1.

The new version of REALbasic has improved the function of creating applications in the Universal Binary format, improved work with MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases. REALbasic 2021 Release 1 also improves QuickTime with the ability to work with QT content through an HTTP proxy and accept incoming connections with SSL encryption.

REALbasic 2021 Release 1 is available in two versions: Standard, which costs $ 100, and Pro, which costs $ 500.

You can download REALbasic 2021 Release 1 from this link.


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