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Dell decides to pursue reforestation with laptop and PC buyers

The head of a renowned computer manufacturer recently urged the industry to focus more on protecting the environment. As an incentive example, Dell is deploying a tree planting company that the organizers intend will compensate for the damage done to the environment by using computers purchased by customers. More precisely, the harmful emissions associated with the production of electricity needed by computers. The program was named “Plant a Tree for Me”.

Dell is the first major company to provide consumers with the ability to offset the harmful effects of computers in this somewhat unusual way. Dell partners with non-profit organizations The Conservation Fund and Carbonfund.org. They are entrusted with the difficult task of spending funds allocated for planting trees that will absorb carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere during the production of electricity.

Finally, the most interesting – where will the money come from? The purchaser of a Dell computer may wish to have a portion of the amount paid to fund the program. The donation amount is $ 2 for a laptop and $ 6 for a desktop PC. As stated in the official press release, the amounts were determined based on the amount of emissions corresponding to the average life of a computer, which is equal to three years.

Source: Dell


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