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Hd 5870 drivers.


The new generation of nonvolatile memory NOVeA: halved size, one third – power consumption

Virage Logic Introduces New Generation of NOVeA Embedded Memory. Reusable, non-volatile memory is a key element of applications requiring sophisticated digital rights management (DRM) support. The manufacturer names flash memory cards, DVD players and recorders, set top boxes and RFID tags as examples. A feature of the new generation of NOVeA products is the reduction in size and energy consumption. These are important parameters if we take into account the current trends in microminiaturization and energy saving. In addition, like its predecessor, the new NOVeA memory is designed to be manufactured using a well-established, cost-effective CMOS process. Memory can be produced in 180, 130 and 90 nm standards.

Compared to previous versions of NOVeA, memory footprint is reduced by 50% and power consumption is reduced by 30%. Reducing energy consumption is especially in demand in RFID, where the distance at which remote reading of information can be performed directly depends on the “appetite” of the memory installed in the tag.

The manufacturer declares up to 100,000 reprogramming cycles and the safety of information in the absence of an energy source for 10 years at temperatures up to 125 ° C.

Source: Virage Logic


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