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Hauppauge streameez.


How to share a USB device between multiple PCs. MultiSwitch hub prototype created

In April, we announced SMSC’s creation of the MultiSwitch technology, which allows multiple PCs to access each other’s USB devices. Computers equipped with MultiSwitch hubs are connected to each other using, again, a USB cable, after which all USB devices (connected to the MultiSwitch) become shared. Unlike providing access over a network, this technology allows you to “share” devices such as a scanner or video camera.
The other day SMSC showed a prototype MultiSwitch housed in a 5.25 “bay.

Since a USB device cannot be connected to two PCs at the same time, MultiSwitch plays the role of a switch (which is reflected in the name). SMSC plans to combine MultiSwitch with USB Wireless in the future. This will make it possible, for example, to get wireless access from a laptop with a MultiSwitch dongle to all USB devices connected to a nearby MultiSwitch hub.

The first products based on MultiSwitch will appear early next year.


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