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BioLife TAP-01 – doorbell with fingerprint reader and Internet connection

If you are often bothered by intruders, a new doorbell from BioLife may solve the problem. It differs from similar devices TAP-01 by the presence of fingerprint scanners, which allows the owner of the house to know who is on the doorstep without looking into the peephole (surveillance camera).

The “call” is capable of keeping in memory up to 2800 persons, which can be divided into access groups. Accordingly, for someone the door will open immediately, someone will have to enter the password using the TAP-01 keyboard, and someone’s personal melody will be heard by the owners of the house. It remains only to add a stun gun for persons from the “black” list :).

The manufacturer’s declared time for fingerprint recognition is no more than 2 s, the probability of an erroneous successful authorization is less than 0.0001%, an erroneous refusal or failure of authorization is less than 1%. TAP-01 journal will store up to 120,000 records of visits and calls. The device supports TCP / IP protocol stack, it can be controlled via LAN or Internet. In addition, there is a serial interface RS232 / RS485.

There is no data on the cost of new items.


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