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Sep 09,  · GloboMax LLC is a specialist CRO which provides a range of development and consulting services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Company help pharmaceutical and biotech companies successfully develop drug products for the world market while simultaneously achieving distinguished excellence in pharmaceutical sciences and. Globomax, Estado de México. 3, likes · 15 talking about this · 24 were here. dedicados al arte y la cultura/5. Messages by Thread [NMusers] Online Course; Introduction in population PK/PD modelling Stevens, J (kff) [NMusers] Postdoctoral opportunity PK/PD modelling biologics [NMusers] AstraZeneca Senior Clinical Pharmacometrician to Gothenburg Rekic, Dinko [NMusers] Modelling and Simulation vacancy Masoud Jamei [NMusers] Research Scientist/Sr. Research Scientist – Biologics modelling .
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On September 9, 2003, ICON plc acquired life science company GloboMax LLC for 11M USD
ICON Acquires GloboMax
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Famatech: Radmin 3.0 supports voice and text chat

Famatech offers a new approach to increasing the communication capabilities of remote administration systems.

The work of an IT specialist today is an integrated approach to the implementation of user support. The effectiveness of the organization depends on the ability of the technical department to respond to user requests in a timely and high-quality manner. Remote administration programs allow a technical support specialist to ensure a high level of functioning of the organization’s infrastructure without the need for physical presence and wasting of working time. Therefore, the developers of these solutions improve their products by adding new features that can improve the quality of the programs.

In the course of a recent study, Famatech specialists found that in order to improve the efficiency of remote administration software, it is necessary to implement voice and text communication functions. The demand for these capabilities is due to the fact that for solving problems or discussing issues of the organization’s activities, the need to visit a specialist and a long wait for an answer by phone can be completely eliminated. The presence of voice and text communication systems allows a technician not only to connect to the remote user’s computer, but also to communicate with him at the same time.

Another reason for the demand for voice and text communication functions is the ability to conduct web conferences, briefings and meetings using remote administration programs. The presence of communication systems in modern means of remote control allows these solutions to function as a means of communication between remote offices located in different parts of the city, country or the world. Users can organize discussions without leaving their workplace, which allows them to significantly reduce financial and transportation costs.

Any modern instant messaging system allows for voice and text communication. Public instant messaging services are not suitable tools for corporate meetings and conferences. The reason for this is a large number of vulnerabilities that increase the risk of information interception.

Following the modern requirements of the software market, the developers of the Famatech company have implemented innovative voice and text communication systems in the new version of Radmin. The basic principle of Radmin 3 communication functions.0 is a reliable data protection of the corporate network. A wide range of functions and an easy-to-use interface provide the Radmin user with a wide range of tools needed to work effectively.

When communicating in text mode, channels can be open for everyone, or protected with a password. In the text chat mode, there are two types of channels: open (public) and private (private). When creating a new channel, the user can set one of two types of password: user (channel) or operator (operator). For advanced users, a text command interface is provided.

In voice communication mode, users can conduct private conversations, general discussions and meetings. In addition to open and private channels, voice chat provides for conference channels for holding discussions under the supervision of the head or manager of the company. Participants take turns talking on conference channels. A user with chat moderator rights can create channels and set passwords, change the channel type, transfer the microphone from one user to another, and add and remove participants from the list.

When interacting with technical support or conducting online discussions, keep in mind that information should not be available to unauthorized users. Famatech specialists have implemented in the new version of Radmin the most modern means of protecting incoming and outgoing traffic from interception and illegal access: the latest user authentication algorithms, filters to restrict access from suspicious IP addresses; system of intelligent protection against password guessing. Thanks to the reliable security system Radmin 3.0 it is impossible to intercept information in order to change it or leak.

The introduction of full-featured voice and text communication with a remote user into the new version of Radmin is a new stage in the development of remote administration tools. The capabilities of secure intracorporate communication are well-thought-out and well-implemented functionality that allows you to fully unleash the potential of remote administration.

Currently Radmin 3.0 is available as a beta version for download from the Famatech website. The release of the program is expected in the fourth quarter of 2021.


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