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Gforce 3 ti 200





Gforce 3 ti 200.


AMD 65nm processors are slower than 90nm. Manufacturer’s official response

Many eagerly awaited AMD’s launch of their first 65nm processors. Finally, AMD Brisbane was officially released, and after a while its samples got into various test laboratories. The Anandtech website has conducted meticulous testing of the new product, comparing it with the old 90nm AMD Athlon 64 X2 processors and, of course, Intel Core 2 Duo.

Test results are mixed. Firstly (and this is immediately evident), the power consumption of the new processors has significantly decreased. In particular, in the gaming test (Quake 4), a system with a 65nm AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ consumed almost 20 W less than a similar one with a 90nm CPU:

And according to the “performance per watt” indicator, “fashionable” from Intel, the newcomer has bypassed its 90-nm “brother”, although it lost not only to the Core 2 Duo, but also to the younger 90-nm Athlon energy-efficient series:

But the performance in some applications for some reason dropped. As our colleagues have seen, this is clearly visible in Quake 4 and Half-Life2:

Paradox? Indeed, besides the transition to a new technical process, the processor has not undergone any changes, including the number of transistors (Brisbane, like Windsor, includes 154 million. transistors).

The answer to the question why Brisbane is slower than Windsor was unexpected. The CPU-Z program showed that in 65nm Brisbane the L2 cache latency is almost twice as high as in the old 90nm and 130nm AMD Athlon – 20 cycles versus 12. Considering that AMD does not plan to have Brisbane with more than 1 MB cache per core, and no frequency jump is expected, this step looks rather strange.

However, AMD’s official response soon followed. The company confirmed the increase in L2 cache latency and explained it by the fact that it wants to leave the possibility of increasing the cache size in the future.

Well, given that the loss in performance is negligible, and the power consumption of Brisbane has dropped significantly, we can say that overall the processor is a success. In addition, it is worth making a discount on the fact that this is the first, “fitting” stepping of this CPU.



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