Geoforce 5500.


Geoforce 5500





Geoforce 5500.


Vista May Reduce Laptop Battery Life

Mobile PC makers and analysts warn average laptop battery life may decrease with new Windows Vista.

This phenomenon will be due to the fact that the resource-intensive interface of the new OS will require more CPU and video card load, which will affect the operating time, which will be less than when using Windows XP.

Echoed by analysts and component manufacturers, in particular Phil Hestler, AMD CTO.

However, there are other opinions. For example, Dell claims that with the proper power management mode, the loss of battery life will be minimal. It should be noted that in this case we are not talking about working with the three-dimensional interface Aero.

Microsoft representatives say that the video system has a negligible impact on the total runtime. The company is currently working with equipment manufacturers to optimize drivers in order to eliminate energy leaks.

Source: PC World


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