Garmin data card programmer.


Garmin data card programmer





Garmin data card programmer.


Radmin 2.2 received a certificate of compatibility with the 1C: Enterprise system

In January 2021, the Radmin 2 product.2 from the company “Famatech” has been tested for compatibility with the complex of financial accounting programs “1C: Enterprise”. Successful testing resulted in Radmin 2 receiving.2 certificates “Compatible! Program 1C: Enterprise “from the specialists of the firm” 1C “. Joint operation of these programs provides system administrators with the ability to quickly and efficiently solve problems associated with the operation of 1C: Enterprise on users’ computers.

Radmin 2.2 is a remote administration program for the Windows platform that allows you to work on multiple computers using a common graphical interface. All mouse and keyboard manipulations are transmitted directly to the screen of the remote computer. To work effectively with Radmin 2.2 does not require a high-speed communication channel.

Key features of the program:

  • High speed of work.
  • Running the program as a system service.
  • Support for multiple connections.
  • Full screen, scalable and windowed view modes.
  • Video capture technology.
  • File sharing.
  • Shutdown computer remotely.
  • Telnet mode.
  • Windows NT security support.
  • Password protection of the server part of the program.
  • IP Filtering Table.
  • Support for high screen resolutions.


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