Fujitsu fi-5120c.


Fujitsu fi-5120c





Fujitsu fi-5120c.


First information on Dell XPS 710 H2C called “Black Ice”

We first mentioned the Dell “Black Ice” computer at the end of December, and now, as promised, we are ready to announce new details about it.to. the first information was very general.

Some details regarding configuration and price have become known today
a new Hi-End class computer that will be included in
line of performance systems XPS and which will soon please the eminent
manufacturer Dell.

Dell XPS 710 H2C Black Ice Hides Super Secret
cooling system. And she, according to the source, is a combination of
thermoelectric elements and two-circuit SVO (water cooling system).
However, forget that the components of this PC will work when
temperature, – according to leaked (yet unconfirmed) information, cooling
will be only 9 ° C more efficient than the standard air cooling system of the XPS 710 model.

As for the configuration, it is already known that the Dell XPS 710 H2C is built
with Intel QX6700 Core 2 Extreme processor, 4 GB memory
DDR2, and as a video subsystem will be used
two NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX adapters (each with 768 MB
memory) in SLI mode.
The disk subsystem is represented by a RAID 0 array, the volume of which is 320 GB. The cost
this computer – $ 5499.

More detailed data on the new system will become available after the official
Dell PC launch expected to take place at the show


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