Focusrite liquidchannel.


Focusrite liquidchannel





Focusrite liquidchannel.


MSI HATO – Concept Notebook for Cardiologists

A laptop concept that might be of interest to doctors was recently announced by MSI. HATO (Heartbeat Audition Transceiver On-the-go) is equipped with a removable electrocardiograph (ECG), which is able to work in an autonomous mode, taking the patient’s heart rate.

The data is constantly transferred to a laptop via a wireless connection (and this can be 3G) and saved for later analysis by a cardiologist. This approach is more convenient for patients and doctors than the one used now, when a cardiogram is recorded in the memory of a portable EKF for some time, after which the patient comes to the doctor to transfer the information to his PC using a USB or serial port.

MSI HATO will include Bluetooth dongle and bright display (possibly LED backlit). It is not yet known when the laptop will go into production. Most likely, there will be models based on both Intel and AMD processors.


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