Photo Story: Thermaltake at CES 2021

Thermaltake showed a lot of new products at CES 2021. Among them, both recently presented and not yet officially announced solutions.

The Mozart iP case is equipped with a docking station for iPod and iPod Video players, which will give their owners the ability to listen to audio from an iPod on their audio system without turning on the power of the PC.

Mozart IX is designed to install a mini ITX form factor motherboard in it, with its use it will be possible to create a very miniature media center.

The SwordM case is notable for being a limited edition hand-assembled product. It is aimed at enthusiasts, has a powerful cooling system.

In the Bach VX and Soprano DX enclosures, the optional 25 cm (!) fan on the side panel.

Kandalf LCS and Armor LCS cases (pictured) have the same fan on the side wall, in addition, you can also see the Thermaltake logo and the temperature inside the case.

The exhibition also presented the recently announced Bigwater 760i water cooling system, which the manufacturer is positioning as a solution for beginners, which will not cause the slightest difficulty in installation and operation.

The Thermaltake power supply line is now represented by products ranging from 400W to 1200W.

Finally, the manufacturer’s exposition also presented products that are not yet associated with the Thermaltake trademark – NAS devices intended for home users and small companies, designed to install two or four HDDs.

Source: Thermaltake


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