Firepro v5900 driver.


Firepro v5900 driver





Firepro v5900 driver.


SMART introduces 4GB memory for blade servers and supercomputers

SMART Modular Technologies, a memory and embedded systems company, has announced two new 4GB DDR2-533 and DDR2-667 CoolFlex series buffered memory modules. Designed for use in blade servers and supercomputers, the modules are manufactured using 512 MB chips.

One of the new board models, which has a standard height of 1.18 inches (3 cm), has 512 MB chips in BGA packages with a logical organization of 128Mx4. Another model has a reduced profile (VLP – 0.72 “or 1.8 cm). For its manufacture, 1 GB memory microcircuits were selected, made according to the “two-level” technology (dual-die-package, DDP). These modules are intended for use in blade servers with up to eight vertical slots. Thus, using 4 GB buffered VLP DDR2-533 modules, 32 GB memory can be installed in the server.

Technical data of new products:

  • Part numbers are SG572124EG8P0IL1 (VLP module) and SG572124AG8P0IL (standard size module);
  • Number of contacts – 240;
  • Volume – 4 GB;
  • Logical organization – 512Mx72.

Source: SMART Modular Technologies


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