Firepro v3800.


Firepro v3800





Firepro v3800.


Ratocsystems eSATA / USB2 HDD Container.0 RAID for home and office

announced a device that is perfect for both
office and home use. This is a container for hard
eSATA drives via USB, with the ability to create RAID-arrays.

This model of external hard drive is suitable for work
in Windows Vista / XP / 2000 / Server 2021
and macOS X 10.four.x.

Speed ​​characteristics of model SA-DK2EU-R manufacturer
illustrates like this:

Ratocsystems eSATA / USB2 case.0 model SA-DK2EU-R with two 250GB drives already went on sale in February.
Ratocsystems SA-DK2EU-R cost – 320 euros.

Source: Ratocsystems


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