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Evolution uc 33


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Page 4: Evolution Uc User Guide Edit Mode describes the short period after a function button has been pressed during which the parameters of that function can be altered. The numeric keypad can be used to alter a parameter during this time. No data is sent out of the UC when it is in Edit mode except for program and bank changes. The Evolution UC is the affordable hardware controller, designed to be used with any computer music / MIDI setup. In fact, the UC allows instant and simultaneous control of up to 47 different parameters, and with 33 memory locations, changing its setup is fast and easy. May 15,  · USB midi controller complete with five overlaysStandard overlayPro overlay Live overlay Mixer channel strip overlay and B4 overlayHave no idea what those do but they came with it. Powers up and seems to work fine. We discovered we don’t have the right equipment (midi) to .


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M-Audio’s Evolution UC is a monster of a controller, perfect for software on PCs and Macs or external MIDI hardware like synthesizers, sound modules, drum machines and samplers. Congratulations on your purchase of the Evolution UC You can use it to control software on PCs and Macs, and to control external MIDI hardware like synthesizers, sound modules, drum machines and samplers. The UC can control many different parameters. It sends MIDI Continuous ControllerFile Size: 1MB. The budget MIDI controller market is pretty crowded these days, but Evolution are giving you the most for your money with the UC33, eschewing expensive rotary encoders and large displays for affordable non-moving faders and wipe-clean overlays.
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Evolution UC33
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