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Etron usb driver.


Hynix Introduces Fastest 2GB Memory Modules

EE Times reports that Hynix Semiconductor has 2GB DDR2 memory modules running at 800 MHz. The manufacturer himself calls them the fastest on the market at the moment.

In the production of modules, Hynix applied the WLP (wafer-level packaging) technology, which means that a 300-mm substrate is covered with plastic, tested and only then cut, and not packed into a case at the next stage after cutting.

This approach, according to the manufacturer, allows you to reduce production costs by 20%, and in addition, increase stability, reduce heat generation, etc.d.

In the production of the new DDR2, 90nm technological standards are used, however, in the near future, Hynix plans to implement WLP technology in the production of gigabit chips based on the 60nm process technology, which was announced not so long ago.

She has not yet announced when to expect the start of mass sales of new modules of the Korean company.

Source: EE Times


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