Epson v100 driver windows 10.


Epson v100 driver windows 10





Epson v100 driver windows 10.


MyBlu lets you use your iPod as a headset for your phone

Brando has released a Bluetooth adapter for digital iPods, allowing them to be connected to cell phones equipped with this interface.

Called MyBlu, which looks like the Apple Radio Remote, it is compatible with 4th generation iPods and newer. It allows you to view on the player screen the information about the call coming to the phone, pauses playback and provides the ability to answer the call using the iPod headphones as a phone headset. Using the iPod, the user can make a call to one of the 10 most recently used numbers.

MyBlu also has a built-in FM tuner that allows you to tune in stations using the Clickwheel and has a memory of 15 frequencies.

MyBlu cost – $ 88.


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