Epson nx230 installation software.


Epson nx230 installation software





Epson nx230 installation software.


Multimedia: VideoLAN v.0.eight.6 Final

A new version of the VideoLAN program has been released, the main goal of which is to broadcast streaming video over a local network. It is also possible to use the program as an ordinary media player. VideoLAN Server can read and stream files taken from hard disk, DVD player or directly from video card. Supports work with DVD, VCD, MPEG, DivX and many others, including streaming. The program is completely free and comes out for operating systems Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, BeOS, BSD, Solaris, QNX, iPaq…

The new version has made a large number of changes, both visual and functional. All the details of the release can be found here.

Download VideoLAN v.0.eight.6 Final can be from here (size varies, Freeware, platforms vary).


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