Epson nx110 driver.


Epson nx110 driver





Epson nx110 driver.


Nanobrages will speed up recovery from a few months to two weeks

Professors Daniel Smith and Darrell Reneker at the University of Akron in Ohio are conducting clinical trials of so-called nanobrafts. They are made from ultra-thin polymer fibers and have high absorbency, which allows drugs to be slowly transferred to the wound. It is reported that the cost of the bandages is low, they are elastic, lightweight and able to take any shape without sticking to the wound.

The nanofiber bandage releases nitrogen monoxide (NO), which has a bactericidal effect and inhibits the infection process. Nano-bandages are especially useful for diabetics, in whose body NO is produced in insufficient quantities.

Clinical trials are currently underway in Colombia, South America, where nanobrapes are used to treat leishmaniasis, a disease caused by parasites transmitted through the bite of sand mosquitoes.

The test results showed that the development reduces the recovery time from several months and even years to a couple of weeks. In addition, the treatment process itself is much easier in comparison with the traditional one, which requires constant intravenous injections. The next step of scientists will be clinical trials of nanobrafts for the treatment of diabetic ulcers, as well as their use in dentistry and cardiac surgery.
The developers hope that their invention will soon be accepted by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and mass production will begin in 2021.

But nanofibers aren’t limited to bandages. Scientists at the same university are working on ceramic nanofibers, which are useful for heat-resistant filters, as well as fibers coated with metals or carbon.


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