Edirol ua-25.Edirol UA-25


Edirol ua-25


USB Audio Interface.baudline solution – Edirol UA


The Edirol UA has a zero sample inter channel delay. Analysis The and native rates had zero loop error which means that the input and output convertor clocks are locked. All of Edirol’s latest audio interface technology is condensed into the compact UA, giving the user the highest-performance bit/96kHz recording and playback via USB. Premium Audio Quality The UA uses powerful analog electronics coupled with well-matched . If your software allows you to specify MIDI and audio input/output settings, choose EDIROL UA For details, refer to the owner’s manual for your software. Page Checking That You Hear Sound From the SampleSong folder of the CD-ROM, drag ) onto your desktop. Set the UA’s sample rate select switch to kHz.


Edirol ua-25.Roland – UA | USB Audio Interface

This is the EDIROL UA (Advanced mode) driver for Microsoft(R) Windows Vist (TM) bit Edition. This driver also supports ASIO(Steinberg Audio Stream I/O Interface) UA Driver Version for Windows XP / Windows The Edirol UA is a half-duplex device, which means that it cannot play several sounds simultaneously. Fortunately, Alsa is able to play and record in full-duplex over a half-duplex device. This Alsa feature is provided by the asym (i.e. full-duplex) plugin, which is able to combine the dmix (i.e. play) and dsnoop (i.e. record) plug-ins. The UA hosts Edirol’s latest audio technology in a small, durable body for incredibly portable USB audio recording. Variety of Input & Output options The UA includes a pair of Neutrik XLR/TRS combo inputs with Phantom power, Hi-Z (Guitar) connection, S/P DIF optical I/O, analog outputs, 1/4″ headphone output, and MIDI I/O/5(5).
Roland Edirol UA-25 Owner’s Manual
Understanding the Edirol UA-25 logic
Alsa Opensrc Org – Independent ALSA and linux audio support site

Roland – Support – UA – Updates & Drivers
CES 2021: Three New Faces of AMD LIVE!

AMD Unveils Three Variants of the AMD LIVE Entertainment Platform at CES 2021! This is the AMD LIVE Mobile Media Center! Notebook PC and two brand new products – AMD LIVE! Home Cinema and AMD LIVE! Home Media Server.

AMD LIVE Notebook! Notebook PC is based on the AMD Turion 64 X2 dual-core processor and is similar in capabilities to the previously presented AMD LIVE desktop multimedia PC! Desktop PC. It provides remote access to audio and video recordings, TV tuner control, including recording programming, using AMD LIVE software! Entertainment Suite.

AMD LIVE system! Home Cinema combines entertainment components and controls into a single room-scale package. This system is based on AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual-core processors in a compact form factor that echoes the form factors found in consumer audio and video systems. According to the developer, it provides “theatrical quality”: work with high-definition materials is supported, and the built-in multichannel amplifier is capable of delivering 100 watts of power per channel to the load. Of course, the system is equipped with means of Internet access.

AMD LIVE Server! Home Media Server, powered by Windows Home Server software, is a platform that enables OEMs to provide solutions targeted at consumers with multiple home PCs looking to centrally store, share and protect digital media. AMD LIVE Server! Home Media Server gives the user control over resources “, data backup,” parental control “over all devices in the home entertainment network, sharing printers, streaming audio and video recordings. In addition, the platform is designed to support such interesting functions as burglar alarms, telephony, control of household appliances.

AMD-Based Solutions Showcased at CES by Many Companies. These include Fujitsu Siemens Computers, HP for the MediaSmart Server and TouchSmart PC, and MSI for the eye-catching Media Live Desktop PC.). Let us remind you that desktop PCs based on the AMD LIVE platform! Desktop PC, already in the assortment of Acer, Alienware, Dell, Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Gateway, HP and others.

Source: AMD


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