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Miroslav Philharmonik 1.1 supports Intel Mac

IK Multimedia has released a new version of its program for working with orchestral and choral music – Miroslav Philharmonik 1.one. The program is now a Universal Binary application so it runs at full speed on Mac computers with Intel processors.

Unlike the previous version, Miroslav Philharmonik 1.1 no longer needs special USB keys used to prevent counterfeit package distribution.

The Miroslav Philharmonik 1.1 decreased instrument loading times, improved MIDI CC performance. The program contains a complete set of samples of the real Miroslav Orchestra, as well as samples of the choir and additional instruments.

Price Miroslav Philharmonik 1.1 – $ 600. The program requires Mac OS X 10.4 and up.

A ten-day, fully functional trial version of the program can be downloaded from the IK Multimedia website, and demo songs created with it can be downloaded from this page.


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