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Dlink dwa552.


Xilinx Closes Virtex-5 Series With Latest FPGA, LX330

Three days before the new year, Xilinx delivered on its promise and began shipping Virtex-5 LX330 programmable gate arrays (programmable logic chips, FPGAs). These older models in the Virtex-5 family contain the largest number of logic gates in the 65nm series, and 65% more than the older models in the previous 90nm series. The company also announces the start of supply of the LX220, thus completing the release of the Virtex-5 series to the market.

LX330 provides 330 thousand logical cells, 1200 programmable I / O ports, 10 Mbit of RAM, divided into blocks of 36 Kbit and 3.4 distributed RAM, as well as a number of rigidly connected IP blocks (IP – intellectual property).

The cost of the LX330 will be $ 2395 in lots of 1000 units.


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