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The Hercules DJ Console MK4 is a dual-deck, all-in-one mixing station that’s built for mobile computer DJs with its compact, lightweight design and an included transport cover and shoulder strap/5(7). DJCONSOLE MK4 Dual-deck, all-in-one mixing station that’s built for mobile computer DJs with its compact, lightweight design and an included transport cover and shoulder strap. With two stereo inputs, two stereo outputs, built-in sound card, headphones and mic – this small unit is ready to rock the party anywhere on the fly. – 32 on DJ Console Rmx, – 22 on DJ Console Mk4, – 18 on DJ 4Set, – 16 on DJ Console 4-Mx. 2) Try using a shorter, well-shielded USB 2 cable (a maximum of feet/1 meter in length) 3) Connect a USB 3 hub powered by a power supply between your DJ Console and the USB port of your computer. For more information, please refer to the knowledge base.


Dj console mk 4.VirtualDJ – Hardware – Hercules DJCONSOLE MK4

The Hercules DJ Console MK4 is a dual-deck, all-in-one mixing station that’s built for mobile computer DJs with its compact, lightweight design and an included transport cover and shoulder strap. The Hercules DJ Console Mk4 is the most portable and most compact 2-deck DJ controller with built-in audio for PC and Mac: just ” x ” in size and weighing in at a mere lb, the DJ Console Mk4 is the ideal controller for mobile computer DJs, wherever they are mixing. Featuring a 1/4″ microphone jack, the Mk4 is an all-in-one DJ station/5(). DJCONSOLE MK4 Dual-deck, all-in-one mixing station that’s built for mobile computer DJs with its compact, lightweight design and an included transport cover and shoulder strap. With two stereo inputs, two stereo outputs, built-in sound card, headphones and mic – this small unit is ready to rock the party anywhere on the fly.

F-Secure: Client Security version 7 released

F-Secure Client Security 7 provides progressive, centralized proactive protection of corporate workstations and laptops from both traditional and brand-new threats.

The main differences from the previous version of F-Secure Client Security 6:

  • New application activity monitoring system using unique F-Secure DeepGuard technology
  • Rootkit Detection with F-Secure BlackLight
  • Enhanced spyware protection
  • Intelligent technology to “cure” infected data and destroy complex viruses
  • Improved automatic update of modules with minimal network traffic costs
  • Technology of step-by-step download of virus updates in the background
  • More efficient use of system resources for better threat detection with minimal system load
  • Improved email and web traffic scanning
  • Improved graphical user interface
  • IPv6 support.

Supported operating systems:

  • Windows XP Home Edition SP0, SP1, SP2
  • Windows XP Professional Edition SP0, SP1, SP2
  • Windows XP Media Center Edition SP1
  • Windows 2000 Workstation SP4 Rollup 1 or higher.

Key features of F-Secure Client Security 7:

  • one. Protection against previously unknown threats, viruses and spyware is provided using the following technologies:
    • F-Secure DeepGuard is a Host-based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS). Through a combination of behavior control, sandboxing technologies and heuristics, she carefully analyzes any unknown software she finds. The system prevents malware from interacting with the corporate system or causing any harm to it, as well as launching unauthorized programs. F-Secure DeepGuard Reduces False Positives. By integrating F-Secure DeepGuard with antivirus and firewall, new malware data is sent directly from the program to F-Secure. Thus, virus definition updates can be quickly delivered to other users. F-Secure DeepGuard interacts with the application control system to reduce the number of pop-ups on the screen.
    • F-Secure BlackLight comprehensively analyzes the operation of the operating system and identifies “rootkits” and objects hidden from users. With the help of the remote control function, the administrator can control the entire corporate network and conduct anti-virus scanning, for example, during periods of low load, without interfering with users’ work in the network. Integration of BlackLight with antivirus provides automatic scanning of all hidden objects.
    • Multiple scanning engines. Scanning engines targeting various types of threats provide a high level of protection of corporate systems.
    • Automatic crash protection. Automatic failover mechanism ensures that the latest updates to protect against new viruses and spyware are always available to the antivirus solution, even if the main database update server is unavailable. In particular, if an anti-virus update cannot be downloaded through the Policy Manager or Policy Manager Proxy, F-Secure Client Security can obtain this update from an additional node, for example directly from F-Secure, using a step-by-step download technology.
    • Regular updates of the anti-virus databases – up to twice a day to ensure the highest level of security.
    • Advanced killing of complex viruses. With an update system using digital signatures, virus elimination mechanisms can cope with even the most complex of them.
    • Download virus updates step by step. Because virus definitions are updated frequently, the method for delivering updates to workstations and client servers must be reliable and without degrading bandwidth. F-Secure’s technology of step-by-step downloading of virus updates in the background prevents Internet congestion. Larger organizations with remote offices can use F-Secure Policy Manager Proxy, which delivers updates over limited Internet bandwidth.
    • Speed ​​reaction. In the field of anti-virus protection, reaction speed is one of the most important factors determining the level of security. Every minute can play a critical role when your system is under threat of a hacker attack. F-Secure has proven itself in this regard, responding quickly to new threats and always staying one step ahead of the competition in creating protection against new malware.
    • Scanning email and web traffic. F-Secure Client Security scans the content of incoming POP3, IMAP4, HTTP traffic as well as outgoing SMTP mail traffic. This ensures that no viruses are sent from this workstation or received via email. Email and web traffic scanning works with any client using the SMTP / POP3 / IMAP4 / HTTP protocols.
    • Preset anti-virus modes. F-Secure Client Security offers three different anti-virus protection modes (high, normal, disabled), as well as the ability to customize the mode.
  • 2. Built-in workstation firewall provides:
    • Monitoring the status of connections. Monitoring the connection status means that the F-Secure Client Security client can automatically open and close ports to securely request software, without any ports being available to attackers. The filtering engine keeps track of all data going to and from the computer. Connection status monitoring prevents unauthorized access to workstations over the network and hides workstations from hackers and network worms.
    • Recording package information. Writing information about transmitted packets to the log in the standard tcpdump and syslog format allows you to analyze network activity.
    • Centralized application control. F-Secure Policy Manager allows system administrators to control access of applications on workstations and laptops to the Internet. F-Secure Policy Manager monitors the list of allowed applications and prevents users from launching prohibited applications, such as programs for working in p2p (peer-to-peer) networks, on corporate workstations and laptops.
    • Automatic security level change based on location. The system administrator can define different protection modes for corporate laptops in and out of the office. When a laptop connects to a network outside the company office, F-Secure Client Security automatically selects the desired mode.
    • Built-in and custom security levels. In addition to the built-in security levels, F-Secure Client Security offers a set of individual security levels that any user can use with ease. The system administrator can change the security level of all workstations and laptops.
    • Centralized notification of hacking attempts. Using the F-Secure Policy Manager Console, the system administrator can monitor the status of blocked hacking attempts on all corporate workstations and laptops.
  • 3. Integrated intrusion protection:
    • Protection against attempts to scan system vulnerabilities. F-Secure Client Security protects against common vulnerability scanning techniques such as nmap and CyberCop.
    • Port scan protection. F-Secure Client Security protects laptops and desktops from port scans used by hackers to find vulnerable computers on the Internet.
    • Protection against network worms. F-Secure Client Security protects against network worms such as Slammer, Kletz and MyDoom.
  • four. Quarantine and security:
    • Cisco Network Admission Control Support. With support for Cisco NAC, F-Secure Client Security ensures that all workstations and laptops connecting to the corporate network have the latest security settings and virus definitions.
    • Network quarantine. In addition to checking the security level of laptops connecting to the corporate network inside the company, F-Secure Client Security offers a network quarantine function, which guarantees the proper level of protection for laptops connecting to the Internet outside the office.

F-Secure Client Security is easy to install and easy to use. System administrator can remotely install software on workstations. The installer automatically removes existing antivirus products, minimizing implementation costs. Using the same console, you can change the configuration and monitor the status of the anti-virus in the network. F-Secure Client Security works automatically, receiving updates from the databases of the F-Secure virus research laboratories, and monitoring the possible penetration of the latest malicious code into the system.

Integrated virus newsletter provides immediate information on major security events. This feature can be disabled for regular users, but for network administrators this information can be very valuable. Based on this information, the administrator can take the necessary actions to protect the network from new viruses or DOS attacks.

F-Secure products can be purchased at the dealer network of Sfera Business Systems, the exclusive supplier of F-Secure solutions in Russia and the CIS.


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