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Aladdin: new version of updates for HASP

Aladdin Announces New Software Versions for HASP HL, HASP4 and Hardlock. First of all, the updates concerned support for the new Microsoft Windows Vista operating system, as well as the operation of electronic keys for protecting software on Windows x64 platforms. By declaring the readiness of the HASP and Hardlock line of electronic keys to work with the new OS and confirming this statement with the prompt release of special software, Aladdin was the first to provide its customers with the ability to protect applications in the new environment.

Following the current trends, Aladdin has updated the set of utilities for 64-bit platforms, which is a significant advantage for the creators of software designed for these technologies.

As previously announced, Aladdin has released updated drivers for HASP HL, HASP4 and Hardlock, which allow you to use applications protected with these keys in Windows Vista. For the convenience of users, the developers have implemented the ability to install updates through the command line interface and the application programming interface (API). Aladdin said an MSI installer and a dedicated GUI installer will be released soon.

If you have an earlier version of the API or Envelope installed, then in addition to updating the driver, you need to fix the connection of the application with the API libraries and / or re-install protection using the Envelope utility.

On Windows Vista, you need to install signatures in dynamic libraries. Signed API libraries for HASP and Hardlock will appear after all driver installation packages are released.

The new drivers provide support for the automatic data encryption / decryption utility DataHASP (for HASP HL ​​and HASP4) and DataLoader (for Hardlock) in the environment of 64-bit Windows platforms.

By installing the specified drivers, HASP and Hardlock users will be able to work with protected applications for the Win32 platform on Windows x64.

Aladdin also announces the appearance in the third quarter of 2021 of an updated version of the automatic protection utility HASP Envelope with DataHASP, specially designed to work in Windows x64.

Drivers to support Windows Vista are available for download from the official website of the company.


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