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Deskjet 895cse.


Hynix introduces 60nm memory chips and modules

Hynix Semiconductor unveils 60nm DDR2 memory chips and modules based on them.

According to the manufacturer, the expected cost of 1 Gbit chips is half that of the first generation of 80nm DRAM chips. And the smaller size of 1-Gbit chips will allow Hynix to produce registered DIMM and FBDIMM modules with a volume of 4 GB or more. Planar two-row assembly, provided, again, by the small dimensions of the chips, eliminates the need for stacking chips in some modules (in particular, low-profile ones).

Currently, unbuffered memory modules with an operating frequency of 800 MHz and a volume of 1 GB and 2 GB are ready for serial production. In addition to being used in DRAM modules, the new chips will be used in graphics adapters and mobile devices. Mass production of them and modules will begin in the first half of 2021.


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