Dell wireless 1502 driver windows 10.


Dell wireless 1502 driver windows 10





Dell wireless 1502 driver windows 10.


Comrade USB Pen Holder – USB hub where you can store pencils

Nowadays, not everyone on the table can find a pencil case for pens and pencils. But even in the age of paperless technologies, no, no, and you will need to write something with a pen. That’s when you start to regret the lack of bureaucratic accessories in your arsenal.

To simplify the agony of choosing whether or not to be on the table with a pencil case, a device called Comrade USB Pen Holder is designed. The pencil case can become your PC’s companions thanks to the built-in USB hub with four ports.

You will have to pay about $ 20 to store pens and pencils in the hub. Just do not forget that having lost the “pleasure” of bending over to connect USB devices, you also get a cable from the USB Pen Holder on the table.


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